ActiCool was born out of a desire to bring freedom beyond what limits us. One day, I got a call from a client looking to solve the problem of overheating under body armor. ActiCool was the answer, designed to keep soldiers and law enforcement from overheating, letting them stay dry and comfortable.

As we started our internal testing, we realized ActiCool was so much more!

What many don’t know, is that growing up, I suffered from Raynaud’s disease, a circulation disorder that leads to the body cooling down and then being forced to thermal charge to heat the body back up. This makes you the sweaty kid and makes life uncomfortable.

With ActiCool, for the first time in a long time I realized I had never felt so comfortable. Growing up in the textile industry I’ve tried a lot of materials that wick, dry, cool, and compress. Some had chemicals, treatments and even batteries, but in the end, none really did the job. There was always a side effect; sometimes itchiness, electric currents, and all too often smell. We wanted to make sure ActiCool had none of these.

Now that ActiCool has improved my life, I know there are others out there who would benefit from having access to it! Sharing this product with friends and clients, we gained lifetime supporters among: runners, cyclist, carpenters, mechanics, painters and first responders, to name a few. All are looking for something comfortable and reliable, something that would really works to cool you down as you heat up.